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Selection is critical to suppliers
We offer a proprietary solution for your request.
We will design the right heat transfer solution for you in the first time.
So working with us, you will have a senior and efficient partner who will save you time and economic costs.

Agency cooperation
China's energy efficiency is only 30~35%, which is more than 10% worse than that of developed countries in Europe and America.
If energy efficiency can be increased by one percentage point, it will bring economic benefits of 30 billion yuan.
Join 足球外围网站 and join us in contributing to China's energy conservation and emission reduction business.
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For more information about our heat transfer products,
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First factory
No. 18 Tangqiao Village, Qiaoqi Industrial Park, Jiangyin City,
Jiangsu Province, China
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Second factory
Gate A, Middle Section of Zhongshan Road, Xu Xiake Town, Jiangyin City,
Jiangsu Province, China
Zip code: 214408
Tel: +86-510-86570331
Email: sales@flfa-china.com
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